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דילדו 19 סמ ALL BLACK

דילדו שחור 19 ס"מ תוצרת ALL BLACK האירופאית
330.00 ₪

דילדו שחור 19 ס"מ תוצרת ALL BLACK האירופאית

קוטר: 4.5

משקל: 498 גרם

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This All Black dildo is lightly vained, soft and supple for optimal pleasure. This toy will enjoy you for hours, both anal and vaginal! Lubricants based on both water and sillicone can be used. It is important to clean the dildo thoroughly after use.Each toy is individually tightly wrapped in a transparent plastic protective case.

Dimensions package 19 x 4,50 x 4,50 cm
Weight package 498 gram
Product dimensions 19 x 5 cm
Product weight 498 gram
Materials PVC

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